Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paradise Lost: The Tragic Tale of a Boy And His Cake

A Story in Pictures

In the beginning was a boy, a boy who loved cake. His mommy loved him, and also loved cake, and therefore picked up a box of cake mix full of yummy preservatives and artificial coloring to demonstrate her great love of the boy, his brothers and sisters, and cake.

And the Mommy Made the Cake. It was lemon cake with raspberry jam
and cream cheese frosting.
And it was Good.

Due to the high levels of humidity of a balmy summer day, and the inherent temptation of lemon raspberry cake, Mommy put the cake in the fridge. Mommy said to the children "of all the goldfish in the pantry, and fruit in the fridge you may eat. But you may not eat of the cake of lemon raspberry goodness in the fridge."

Then Mommy went to fold a load of laundry, and the boy went alone into the kitchen.

N.B While there is no definitive proof of a snake, and the boy remains mum on the subject, we have come to our own feelings on the matter, but here is the aftermath...

And Mommy walked in the kitchen, and called the boy by name. He hid, but was discovered.



And Mommy said "Because you ate of the cake of lemon raspberry goodness from which you were forbidden to eat, you are booted from the kitchen."

Pain Caused by Sin

The Moral of the Story:

Do NOT steal the cake from the fridge, Baby Bear!

Tune in after dinner for Baby Bear: Paradise of Cake of Lemon Raspberry Goodness Regained


  1. Now I'm normally a chocolate cake-type gal, but that cake does look delicious and tempting.... (-jenfl)

  2. You have a blog! Awesome! Following....
    Theft of cake would NOT be tolerated in our house, either! :)
    My fav. part is "Pain Caused by Sin." Very funny.
    Bethany (Mpp)

  3. Got you on my blogroll and do hope you find time to update it.