Monday, August 2, 2010

So, what's up with the eggs?

I realized this wasn't actually self explanatory, and figured I'd write a short blog post explaining.

Our last pregnancy, which brought us Thumbelina, actually started out as a twin pregnancy.  It was completely unexpected, and also marks the absolute last time I will ever go to an ultrasound appointment with no other adult present.  That's just asking for trouble, in our case twins.  Refereeing toddler arguments while having an ultrasound done?  Not good, people.  Just NOT GOOD.

So, while I'm sitting there pretty stunned and quickly calculating how I'm going to break the news to Gil that we'll need the full size van sooner rather than later, the tech keeps going back and forth over my ovaries to give the student present a detailed tour of my pelvis.  Incidentally, if there is a student present during an ultrasound (or any diagnostic procedure) I'd recommend ignoring him or her.  Receiving surprising news and then having a student loudly saying "hmmm" throughout your examination is slightly less than a desirable experience.


While looking at my ovaries, she exclaimed "LOOK AT ALL THOSE FOLLICLES!!!" and I just about died.

So, look at all those eggs!  Guess we should probably go for the 15 instead of 12 seater when we upgrade after this interpregnancy lull, eh?

I'm going to try to update more regularly, or as regularly as one can reasonably do while parenting 5 kids under 8.  Have a great week!

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