Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is why I'm going to have 50 gazillion kids 5/24

Papa Bear's new thing is to start sentences "According to my calculations..." Thus far, according to his calculations, it is 133 days, 16 hours and 53 minutes until his birthday.

Also, according to his calculations,

* if she had her way Goldilocks would try to play the computer for 6 1/2 hours!
* a bag of cereal feeding 5 kids 1 serving per day should last us 6 days, then with two servings left over and he would give those last two to Goldilocks and Baby Bear while he and Yogi ate toast for breakfast.

According to *my calculations* there can never be too many kids who enjoy making calculations. That's the reason for today as to why I'm going to have 50 gazillion kids.

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