Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last day of school


That means that this will not be our reality every day anymore! Well, at least not until Fall... By the way, dark sunglasses? Great way to look unapproachable enough to ward off at least some of the "gee, you have your hands full!" comments. Sure, I may be rocking the Posh Spice glasses, but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT to keep some of those comments at bay. I need to write a whole post on that. The "have your spouse spayed or neutered!" contingent have been particularly driving me up the wall lately.

We're going to have to sign Papa, Yogi and Goldilocks up for swim classes and I need to make my summer plan for those three in terms of reading, history, etc. I turn our house into quasi homeschooling over the summers, very informally of course, but good practice for if I ever do decide to pull kids from school and teach them at home.

And we'll be baking a lemon cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting to celebrate the demise... er, end of the school year.

Anyone else have interesting plans for this summer? I'm up for new ideas, so please feel free to make suggestions!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Sass and Eli are getting so big!! You guys are too cute.