Saturday, May 21, 2011

See this? This is absolutely, beyond a doubt why I'm going to have 50 gazillion kids

So, Thumbelina is one!  AHHH!  So, there have been ongoing discussion on when to have an offspring refresh and bring in a newer version with Horde 6.0.

Gil has taken a decidedly "pro" refresh stance, however to assuage my concerns, he wrote this lovely, profound 507 word essay.  I was moved by the beauty of the sentiments contained therein, and with his permission have decided to share it with you all.

Now that you've read through the entire thing, go back and read the first word of each line.  EPIC.  I am married to a genius, I tell you.  A genius.  What nobility of expression!  What creative joy!  What an eloquent, stirring apologetic in favor of 6.0 coming sooner rather than later.  This is the single clearest example of why I am going to have 50 gazillion kids.  A masterpiece, Gil.  An absolute masterpiece.  THIS MAN DESERVES A BRIGHT NEW SHINY BABY!

First, however, we need to close on our Dandelion Estate Upon The River, complete with enough bedrooms that even *I* am uncertain as to whether we can sufficiently fill them.  However, given sufficient space and this stirring argument in favor of BABIES, I certainly intend to try.